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 Dee Lynn, Founder
Dee Lynn


Dear Friend,

Please let me share my journey.

The fear is endless, the pain far reaching… I should know, several years ago I found myself captivated by the charm of a man who would soon be my husband. Little did I know what path my life would take in the next days, months and years to come. That young lady who once helped others found herself in a situation where she couldn’t help herself. That charismatic and charming man who was a community leader was also the perpetrator of domestic violence.

How does it begin? People think the victim should have been able to see the signs in advance. How wrong that belief is. It’s a process of degradation, put downs, humiliation and then rages that take on a life of their own. You’re
always walking on eggshells, terrified of one misspoken word, the kindness to a stranger that is mistaken for flirtation, having family or friends visit which doesn’t coincide with his plans for your continued isolation and then the physical abuse, small in the beginning that in time leaves you with an injury inconceivable and unexplainable to others.

As a former victim, I saw a void in the gap of services that victims need to regain their lives. I’ve lived the hidden secret and know the fear of coming forward. I’ve seen the results of leaving. I know the courage and strength it takes to reclaim ones life.  In time, you too will know what it’s like to feel a sense of empowerment against your perpetrator.  I've traveled the journey to a wonderful tomorrow.  You can too.  We're here to show you the way and to help you gain the resources you need to be successful.  You now have someone to walk with you as you move forward to a better tomorrow.  Let's do it together, "people helping people," one
step at a time.


From the Heart of the Victim