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An alternative approach to making the standard form of deductible contribution can be accomplished through what is generally referred to as "Planned Giving".  WISH is receptive to those wishing to explore methods of Planned Giving Opportunities.

Depending on the nature of the Planned Giving approach you may select, the assistance of financial, legal, and/or insurance professionals, it may become necessary to insure that the approach you desire has the chosen effect for both the donor and the organization. 


Gifts in Memory/Honor
Celebrate work and passions of a friend or family member with a gift to WISH. It's a great way to honor someone who believes in our mission. This is a great way to pay tribute to someone who values the work of WISH during his/her lifetime making a gift in their memory.


Recognition Societies
When giving an unrestricted gift to WISH of $5,000 or more for a (3) consecutive year period, you become a member of our "Elite Society of Donors". These gifts help us to continue to fund our efforts and programs.


A donor can provide that part of his or her estate be
devised to WISH through the inclusion of donative language in a will. This approach can allow individuals to make a contribution that might have been unaffordable during one’s lifetime. Many forms of bequests can be designed.


Charitable Trust
Through the creation of a trust funded by the donor (and funded by donor’s contrition of assets), one can provide income to a recipient of his or her selection for the donor's lifetime. At death, the remaining balance of the trust is donated to WISH (other types of charitable trusts can be designed).


Gift Annuities
A typical annuity arrangement involves making a contribution of assets to WISH in return for regular payments during the donor's life.


Life Insurance
Life insurance policies can be used in various ways to benefit WISH. For example, a donor can designate WISH as a secondary or partial beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy.


If you interested in any of these Planned Giving methods,
please contact W
evelopment at 704.277.4270. 
A meeting can be scheduled to explore your interest in any one or more of these options.