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Our mission includes advocating for victims
of domestic violence including abused and at-risk youth
by providing the following services:


 EVALUATION PROGRAM - A common pattern of abusive relationships is that many violent, abusive outbursts are followed by apologies and seemingly heartfelt promises to change. The abuser may be very pleasant most of the time, making it a difficult decision to 'break the cycle' and end the relationship.  In order for a victim to get the help they need, it is imperative they first realize that the situation they are in is indeed abusive.

Through our One-on-One Guidance and Evaluation Program, we are able to assess their situation and offer guidance and the resources needed to help them regain their life.  Once a Danger Assessment is completed, an individualized Safety Plan is created for each victim to help them on the road to recovery.

 APPRENTICE PROGRAM - Local companies and organizations participate as Community Resource Partners. In this role, they provide training to the victims and later offer them employment opportunities. 

    WISH hopes to empower victims with choices and financial stability.  This in turn will give them the confidence to control their own life and to have the power to leave their situation.

 YOUTH PROGRAM - Bullying and Respect are only a few of the programs we have developed to teach abused and at-risk youth the necessary life skills to prevent and end the cycle of abuse.

Our curriculum includes activities such as role playing along with other life skill tools designed to teach youth how to respectfully understand and treat each other.  We are trying to provide intervention with this program. 

When youth, who might be in a home
situation of domestic violence, see that the situation  they are in is NOT normal, WISH hopes to break the cycle of abuse from perpetuating.

It is our firm belief that attention must be devoted to primary and secondary prevention, particularly with children and young adults.  If not, we believe domestic violence will continue to be an issue in our community in the years to come.

 INMATE PROGRAM - Our past experience in sharing a women's true story and journey through domestic violence (with inmates within the correctional/judicial system), has proven to be successful in educating perpetrators of domestic violence.

Our program includes the following topics:

  • Defining domestic violence
  • Myths about battering
  • The cycle of violence
  • The effects of domestic violence on children
  • Characteristics of a healthy vs. unhealthy relationships

Our ultimate objective is to assist inmates in developing a strategy for making a positive change in their life.  We want inmates to understand how their actions have affected the victims of domestic violence.  We hope to help them in taking the steps to stop and prevent the cycle of abuse.