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Our mission includes advocating for victims
of domestic violence including abused and at-risk youth
by providing the following:


Our community collaboration consists of citizens, community leaders, corporations, public entitites and community agencies united to ensure that victims of domestic violence have the neccessary resources, opportunities and choices.

 SPEAKERS BUREAU – Speakers are available to speak on the issue of domestic violence to educate the public and victims on resources that are available to them.  We welcome the opportunity to educate the public on what WISH is and what we offer. 

 WORKSHOPS – WISH will host workshops to educate the public on domestic violence, and to educate victims as to where they can go for help. 

 SUPPORT GROUPS – WISH will host support groups with our Community Resource Partners for battered women.

 WOMEN'S AUXILIARY - Our Women’s Auxiliary will deliver educational materials to various groups and organizations, where victims will be able to access information about WISH and its’ services.

Auxiliary members will also help WISH with various fundraising projects, support groups and workshops.

In addition to WISH offerings, we work with our Community Resource Partners to provide:

COMMUNITY EDUCATION – is provided through information resources, workshops, seminars, and literature.  We will expand community education regarding Domestic Violence via media, print, radio and TV, and billboards. The WISH website is available as well. 

YOUTH AND FAMILY EDUCATION - Through our youth programs, we will conduct (Parent Advisory Committee) meetings, where parents are given information and involved in the process. We will be able to reach some of the victims here as well as get the word out that we are available to help.  The youth  will attend  (Youth Advisory Committee) meetings. We will be able to teach the youth about good/bad relationships through this committee.

Additional Community Resource Partner Services

  • Educational Institutions - Local colleges will be involved through outreach programs in support of WISH by supplying apprentices for office staff, marketing, food for events, etc.
  • Educational Training – Colleges are contacted to furnish educational and training opportunities for the victims.
  • Therapy – Referral to local domestic violence organizations who have licensed therapy consultation services.
  • Referral Services - For those services that WISH does not provide we will refer victims to the necessary agencies.
  • Community CollaborationsWISH avails itself of community collaborations/partnerships when providing services to victims of domestic violence. As previously stated, we invite various community partners to join us in our effort to gain resources for the victims.