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WISH offers services and support to victims of domestic violence.


Our mission includes advocating for victims
of domestic violence including abused and at-risk youth
by providing the following services:


 Friendship -
The most important goal of the program is to provide friendship, someone who has been there who can share their pain, give them hope and provide information and resources to help them get their life back.  We let them know someone cares and they are not alone. 

is founded by a former victim, now survivor,  whose 
    unique vision and understanding focuses on the needs of
    the victims.

 One-on-One Guidance –
An in-depth process where we work with the victims to determine individual resources and needs. 

 Danger Assessment - A "standardized safety assessment" means that all victims identified as being in an active abusive relationship are asked a series of routine questions regarding their personal safety.  All victims are asked the same series of questions.

 Safety Plan Development – Once the Danger Assessment has been completed and the severity of situation is reviewed, a plan of action is determined.  The Safety Plan helps to guide them in a positive direction to the appropriate resources that can help to ensure that they have hope, faith and belief in a new tomorrow with enhanced possibilities.

 Resources and Information – Various resources and information are available to help educate the victims on many levels.

  • Educating them on the actuality that what they are enduring is ABUSE.
  • Educating them on the various signs of abuse.
  • What they can do to get help.
  • The steps necessary to create a safety plan for them.
  • How to actualize the plan and put it into motion.
  • Educating them on the tools/resources that they will need to have in place before they leave their situation.
  • Educating them on the various resources that are available to help empower them on this journey.